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ETH Stolen From Crypto Exchange Cryptopia Moved, Portion Deposited on Exchange

A portion of the ether (ETH) stolen from hacked New Zealand-based cryptocurrency exchange Cryptopia has been moved and deposited to a different crypto exchange, according to an analysis. Crypto Anti-Money Laundering startup Coinfirm tweeted about their findings on May 20.
According to Coinfirm, 30,790 (over $7.778 million) of the stolen ether has been reportedly moved to a new address, and 10 ETH (over $2,500) moved to the hot wallet of another crypto exchange. A Twitter account dedicated to reporting on large transactions to and from cryptocurrency exchanges, Whale Alert, claims that 500 of the stolen ether (over $125,000) has today been moved to EtherDelta, and another 1,000 ETH to an unknown wallet (over $250,000).
Blockchain data crowdsourcing platform AMLT also claimed that almost all tokens other than ETH already landed on major exchanges. The news comes after Cryptopia appointed David Ruscoe and Russell Moore from consultancy and audit firm network Grant Thornton New Zealand as liquidators last week.
As reported in January, Cryptopia had initially told users that it was undergoing unscheduled maintenanceissuing several updates before officially reporting the breach. An analysisfrom blockchain infrastructure firm Elementus estimated in February that $16 million worth of ether and tokens were stolen during the attack — $3.2 million of which were later tracedto liquidations on exchanges such as Etherdelta, Binance and Bitbox.
Earlier this month, major crypto exchange Binance was also hacked, losing over 7,000 bitcoin(BTC) in the breach.
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