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Blockchain Effort Gets Down to Business

To support enterprise-class blockchain applications, there’s a need for frameworks and methods that can guarantee dependability and trust at all times without sacrificing the distributed nature of the blockchain idea. That’s why ETSI created an industry specification group on permissioned distributed ledger (PDL) technologies. In the decade since its creation, Bitcoin has demonstrated the potential […]

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Time to Chain Up: Is Blockchain About to Change the Gaming Industry?

The gaming industry has grown dramatically in recent years, partially because the world of video games is keeping up with the latest technological advances and even tries to get ahead of them. As such, it couldn’t bypass the blockchain. It’s not surprising that, from time to time, gaming companies announce the development of games based on […]
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Top 3 Price Prediction Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum: Floodgates of a bullish rally open after key resistance levels broken ahead of Facebook’s Libra Launch – Confluence Detector

Cryptocurrencies have been active over the weekend – and not for the first time. And this time, price action in digital coins has sent Bitcoin – the king – to above $9,200 and the highest in a year. Cryptos have already been on the move on Thursday and on Friday, making their ways to higher ground. […]

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Japan Data Initiative Brings Blockchain Security to 100 Major Businesses

A data-sharing initiative involving one hundred of Japan’s biggest companies will use blockchain for its security, English-language news outlet Nikkei Asian Review reported on June 17. The project, which will commence in spring 2020, aims for participants to share production data in order to enhance overall efficiency. Its controller is the Industrial Value Chain Initiative, an industry organization formed four years […]


Facebook’s cryptocurrency partners revealed—we obtained the entire list of inaugural backers-Blockchain7

Dozens of companies are set to be a part of the governing association of Facebook’s cryptocurrency Here’s a map of the members set to be made public on Tuesday Facebook has been quietly building out its cryptocurrency for over a year, and it looks like that time has been well spent, enlisting the support of […]

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US State of Nevada Passes Flurry of Blockchain Bills

Nevada passed regulatory sandbox legislation aimed at continuing blockchain investment and entrepreneurism in the state. Governor Steve Sisolak signed the “blockchain bills” on June 7 and 13. These are parcel to a number of bills passed in the state that support the continued growth of financial technology and blockchain. In February of this year Nevada […]

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Report: Chinese E-Commerce Giant Has Applied for Over 200 Blockchain Patents

Chinese e-commerce giant has applied for over 200 blockchain patents, according to a report by Securities Daily News on May 20. The report also notes that major e-commerce competitor Alibaba has applied for 262 blockchain patents, and Chinese internet titans Tencent and Baidu have applied for 80 and 50 such patents, respectively, as recorded by the Intellectual Property Center of China Information and Communication. According to interpretation of the […]